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Watch me rant and code

Wow, I got really lucky on this one.   GDC Vault released a few more presentations to their free content collection, and the Indie Game Maker Rant is one of them.  So, If you’d like to see my presentation “Games to Get Her Off; or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Female Orgasm (Game)” then just head on over!  My rant is the first one.

Design notes for Live Game Code

Design notes for Live Game Code

I’m getting ready now like crazy for my Live Game Code event at the Biennale de Montreal.  Thursday night is Live game Sounds, a fun chiptune and projection show, and friday and saturday, cindy and I are designing and creating games, tracking our progress in as many and varied ways as we (or you) can come up with, and letting you watch.  Come meet (or become one of) our sexy lab assistants, and bring us chocolate.

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