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Was steht auf dem Programm?

Or, roughly, “So, what’s up next?”

In September and October, I’ll be Artist in Residence at the Subotron Shop in Vienna, Austria!   Subotron is a museum and store in the heart of Vienna’s Quartier21 (MuseumsQuarter) that specializes in game and pop culture history and memoribilia.  I’ll be working on my Live Game Code project, teaching myself to program a game – in public.  This residency is the latest phase of my ongoing project that started with Live Game Code: Love Letters at the Montreal Biennial.  My focus in this iteration is specifically on learning to program, rather than using a game development toolset, and analyzing that effort with some realtime visualizations of my growing code base.

One of the earlier code visualization iterations

One of the earlier code visualization iterations

So for the last couple of months I’ve been working with a programmer/artist, Anna Zajaczkowski, to create the software that will take my nascent code, and my daily computer activities like email and IM, and turn them into evocative, playful visualizations.  For my development language, I’ve chosen Processing, both for its ease of use and to bring some attention to it as a viable game prototyping engine.  By contrast, Anna codes in ActionScript3, and the visualizations we’re creating will be generalizable to many languages.  My intent, in addition to making visible my software engineering self-education, is to create some interesting and fun feedback tools that other game coders (beginners or otherwise) can use during development.

So!  starting in early September I’ll start posting here with updates on my progress.  First thing on the schedule, however, is to attend (my first) Ars Electronica in nearby Linz.   So. Excited. !  !

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