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SUGAR shows

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’m back in Montreal (though I’m now actually in Austin, which should (and will) be a whole ‘nother post) where I’m doing research in the Technoculture Art and Games research group at Hexagram – Concordia.  I’m working with Jason Camlot in the English department to design an experimental game inspired by his research on late Victorian sound recordings.

Meanwhile, SUGAR, the game I created at my Subotron/Quartier21 residency, is debuting in the U.S. on Friday in the show Game (Life): Video Games in Contemporary Art at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington Vermont.  If you’re nearby, come play!   In January, I will be holding a short residency there, and giving some lectures.

And of course, Kokoromi announced the theme for Gamma 4!   Things are really heating up… developers seem excited by the accessible challenge (not to mention the accessibility challenge), and by the event’s visibility since our move to GDC.  Submissions this year could be an order of magnitude more plentiful than previous years.  So we’re preparing for that possibility….

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