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Quick catchup (incomplete)

There’s so much to talk about; I’ve become a bit immobilized!  It always takes a few days (weeks?) to recover from GDC, and since like most of us I came down with a cold as soon as I returned, it’s only now that I’m resurfacing a little.  I promise I will soon upload the slides from the presentation of Our First Times, the winning design that Erin Robinson and I delivered at the Game Design Challenge.  And maybe even the minimal slides from my Indie Game Maker’s Rant, which many of my friends missed because I volunteered to speak first, and they couldn’t get into the room right away.  That’ll teach me to break the ice.  Anyhow I heard that one of the game news sites was videotaping the Rants for webcast, so I’ll share that if I hear more.

Meanwhile, pleased to be content with this nifty Google mashup by Jonathan Basseri, which visualizes the global struggle to be unique for four minutes and thirty-three seconds.  It has been really fun and gratifying to watch the interpretive debate swirl around 4’33” since we unleashed it in February.  And even more so that the dialog extends in code as well as words.

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