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OPEN Signs

Before we get too far away from it, I’d like to mention my other transmediale.11 project, an exhibit on open culture which I curated at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin.  OPEN Signs showcased seven artworks by nine artists based in (or originating from) Canada, all of whom used open processes or technologies in the creation of their work.

The exhibit was held at the Marshall McLuhan Salon inside the Embassy, which is an unusual space – a round room with four built-in large monitors, connected to a hallway with five interactive “pods,” a reading nook, and three large monitors facing into an open-air passage.  It was a gratifying challenge to curate the physical and screen space with relevant pieces. 

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and how many folks came to see it, both during the vernissage and during the week that followed.  The fantastic staff at the Embassy played a huge role in how well everything came together, including some heroic last-minute phone wrangling and social engineering when a transport company literally lost one of the pieces en route!  Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the curation effort and hope to take on similar projects in the future.

More about the artists and works featured in the show:

– The Radio Of Songs In People’s Heads and other stories by Mouna Andraos & Melissa Mongiat

РRequiem pour Flocons de neige Bless̩s / Requiem for Injured Snowflakes by Brandon Balleng̩e

– A selection of dreams from “Dreaming Machine #2” installations by Ben Bogart

– Tafel by Alexandre Castonguay

– Rip! A Remix Manifesto; user-contributed content and remixes by Brett Gaylor

– N by Metanet Software Inc.

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