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My life is now complete with Pears.

This year I’ve been making time to fit in some music projects, and one has come to fruition!  I recorded a fun little song called “Pears” with U.K.-based electro-pop band Don’t Eat Sky, for the Songs for the Cure ’09 compilation.  Composer Josh Whelchel put together this CD full of indie music by indie gamers (including Kyle Gabler and Alec Holowka) as a premium for his donors in the Relay for Life, to benefit the American Cancer Society.   Now the songs are up and available on iTunes and Amazon.com!

Songs for the Cure '09

Songs for the Cure '09

Back in the spring, David of Don’t Eat Sky posted on the TIGSource forums looking for a vocalist, and when I heard which game their song was about, I jumped at it.  I ended up writing a lot of new lyrics, and adapting their melody to put it more in my vocal range.  When it came time to record, I was in Vermont, miles away from my usual recording setup and good mics in Montreal.  So, my recording booth was a plastic shower stall, and my microphone was a digital voice recorder that i normally use to take simple field recordings and save audio snippets.  But it worked!

You can buy the album (or songs of your choice) from Amazon, or on iTunes.  Give it a listen, and see if you can figure out which game it’s about.  Or just follow the jump and read the lyrics!


[Cherries] I got them.
[Peaches] I got them.
[Apples] I got them.
[Oranges] I got them.
[Plums] Who needs them?
[Mangoes] Who needs them?
[Pineapples] Who needs them?
[Bananas] Who needs them?
My Life isn’t complete without Pears.
My House isn’t complete without Pears.

Verse 1:
I need something to keep me going
Through summer sun and autumn rain.
And the winter wind is blowing hard now –
Only my fruit can keep me sane.

Got all the fruit i ever wanted.
I’ve got almost every kind.
Don’t want your cherries or apples!
Pears are what are always on my mind.

Verse 2:
Now its springtime here in my village;
The kind of day you want to go for a walk.
On my stroll I met a cat named Kiki.
She seemed really nice and so we started to talk.

She told me that she’s come from the city
Bringing something that she wanted to share.
When i gave her stegasaurus’s tailbone,
In return she gave me one shiny pear.

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