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Live Pseudocoding!

So I’m all set up here at Subotron Shop, in the high traffic Electric Avenue section of Quartier21.   Had a few visitors already, like Johannes, of monochrom fame, and Peter, the lead programmer of And Yet It Moves (they have their offices right above the shop!)

I can finally show off my two brand-new visualizations, the Diffstream Meadow and the Code Musicker (more on those soon!)  Learning-wise, I’m finally at the part of the Processing book that gets into interactivity, but the first exercise is writing some pseudocode for the setup() and draw().  Good thing I use WriteRoom, so I can at least look programmery (and stay a little focussed) while sitting in a corridor and writing out a prose version of Pong.  “Step 1: Draw a line 3 pixels wide on the left side of the screen that’s about 1/5th the screen height.  This is the paddle of player 1….”

A little later I’m meeting with Mitch to plan our “olofactorization” of the project/game… pretty soon (after a research trip to a historic landmark to “gather” some smells) we’re gonna go to the rightfully notorious Metalab and hack us some arduino goodness…

Oh — not to forget!  All my visitors today get cookies!

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