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Day 1 of LGC!

It’s Day 1 of my Live Game Code residency at Quartier21 – the day I officially start writing lines of code, and cranking up the visualizations.  I’m settling in at the residence and today I wrote my first nascent lines of code in Processing.

Learning Processing

Learning Processing

I’m using the fantastic new book Learning Processing as my tutorial into code-writing.  I highly recommend it!   My first public appearance is in front of the Subotron Shop next Friday, September 18th, and by then I should have a nice collection of visualization data, and be well underway with my learning effort.

I also met the other Artists in Residence, and have started planning a collaboration with one of them, Mitch Heinrich, a product designer from SF.  He’s working on a smell-based urban hacking project with monochrom, and we are going to figure out how to make a scentisization of my code.  I’ve been interested in scent design and scent interface since forever (following the work of Jofish Kaye, Jenny Tillotson, perfumist Mandy Aftel, and the ill-fated scent peripherals of the late 90s like DigiScent), so I really look forward to it!

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