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Controlled Invasion

Last year, “gamification” started popping up everywhere – both in the marketing world where the term seems to have been born, and among game designers from the ARG scene, the “serious games” field, and in the social network space.  Popular presentations about “games invade the real world” by Jesse Schell and others suddenly had me […]

Time to Breakaway!

As World Cup 2010 approaches, let me direct your attention to Breakaway, a game sponsored by the United Nations with the goal to end violence against women by reaching out to young men around the world.  Through exciting football (soccer) gameplay and intriguing character and story, the game reveals issues of gender discrimination and violence, […]

Break away from the violence

The game-for-change I’ve been working on for the past year is reaching the end of pre-production! Funded and supported by the United Nations, Breakaway is an online soccer-themed game for boys which will fight violence against women around the world.  Our team at the Emergent Media Center has created a web site to talk about […]

Through their eyes

The future is shining like a peace of diamond lying down to the ground and ready for someone to grab it. – Slindile Cele, grade 11 One of our group’s most memorable experiences in Cape Town was the afternoon we spent with Ikamva Youth (http://ikamvayouth.org/) in Khayelitsha township.  Ikamva Youth works with 10th to 12th […]

The Ring

There are so many things I want to say about our experience in Cape Town. The contrast and conflict and complexity of the situation in South Africa just boggle the mind. While thinking about how our team fits into it all, it’s hard to know what to say first. But for now, I’ll start with […]

before we go

This is going to be a quick one. We’re at JFK waiting for our flight to Cape Town via Dakar.  So far the trip has gone smoothly thanks to some excellent organizing by our program manager, Sarah Jerger.  All students and all luggage is here and accounted for.  I went last-minute ring shopping at the […]


I write this from the greyhound bus between Burlington and Montreal.  I’ll be making this commute roughly every week for the forseeable future.  I spend most of the week in Burlington then head back to Montreal for the weekends to take care of things on that side of the border.  I have rented one apartment […]

It Begins

So!  This is my multi-project work log. I started this because i’m doing so many crazy things at the same time, and I want to keep track of it all as best I can.  And i thought that might be interesting to other people, as well.  I’ll be trying to figure out how to balance […]