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Live Game Code

Art Games in the House of Fire

What you see here is the view from my window.  I’m in the top level of a turn-of-the-19th-century firehouse, in Burlington Vermont.  The old structure has been converted into a downtown center for the arts, and at the moment the entire ground floor has been transformed into a stylish arcade of some of the most […]

until i catch up, have some poop

Oh boy.  These last three weeks were whirlwind.  The residency is done, and the final show was Friday!  I will be finishing the documentation later this month, and until then I have at least a few tidbits to share.  First, a video by Damien from his mid October visit with Anderson and Kelly.  In front […]

Code Kindergarten

So it’s now week 2, and I’m not as far along in my lessons as I’d hoped (thanks mostly to the amazing Paraflows festival), but I do have something to show, finally. This last week has been a bit like Kindergarten with numbers instead of crayons.  I’m only getting the simplest things done, like drawing […]

Day 1 of LGC!

It’s Day 1 of my Live Game Code residency at Quartier21 – the day I officially start writing lines of code, and cranking up the visualizations.  I’m settling in at the residence and today I wrote my first nascent lines of code in Processing. I’m using the fantastic new book Learning Processing as my tutorial […]

In progress

Here’s the latest version of the first Live Game Code data visualizer, the “diffstream”  – it converts the code from revision to revision, into an animation of its organic growth.

Was steht auf dem Programm?

Or, roughly, “So, what’s up next?” In September and October, I’ll be Artist in Residence at the Subotron Shop in Vienna, Austria!   Subotron is a museum and store in the heart of Vienna’s Quartier21 (MuseumsQuarter) that specializes in game and pop culture history and memoribilia.  I’ll be working on my Live Game Code project, […]

Time to say Hello

When I started this blog I said (to myself as much as anyone) that I’d record my full range of emotions and perspective about my creative work.  Well, when it comes to a large-ish chunk of what I want to do in the near future, that emotion is doubt.  Doubt about whether I can do […]