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Controlled Invasion

Last year, “gamification” started popping up everywhere – both in the marketing world where the term seems to have been born, and among game designers from the ARG scene, the “serious games” field, and in the social network space.  Popular presentations about “games invade the real world” by Jesse Schell and others suddenly had me […]


This week I’m in L.A. (Culver City, actually) for IndieCade! It’s going to be great fun, and they’re sure keeping us busy.  Personally, I’m on the “International” team for the Iron Game Designer event; I’m MCing the guest developer demos at the Work + Share, and I’m on a panel about curating games.  Check out […]

Building the New Arcade

From now through the end of May i’m going on something of an epic multi-part travel and speaking “tour” in New York, Germany, and Austria.   Mostly I’m talking about the development of Gamma, and how things seem to be coming together right now for a semi-movement of stylish and creative short-form gaming in public/social […]

Art Games in the House of Fire

What you see here is the view from my window.  I’m in the top level of a turn-of-the-19th-century firehouse, in Burlington Vermont.  The old structure has been converted into a downtown center for the arts, and at the moment the entire ground floor has been transformed into a stylish arcade of some of the most […]

F the G

Renaud has posted a very thorough report and downloadable exe of our Bivouac Urbain game, Stimergy.  He even did a time lapse dev video! Best yet, our game is open source, so grab it and do something even better with it.  In fact please make some more levels – we didn’t have time to do […]

It’s a bivouac

I’m up for the weekend in lovely Quebec City working with Renaud on a game for the Bivouac Urbain game jam…

Watch me rant and code

Wow, I got really lucky on this one.   GDC Vault released a few more presentations to their free content collection, and the Indie Game Maker Rant is one of them.  So, If you’d like to see my presentation “Games to Get Her Off; or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Female Orgasm […]

It Begins

So!  This is my multi-project work log. I started this because i’m doing so many crazy things at the same time, and I want to keep track of it all as best I can.  And i thought that might be interesting to other people, as well.  I’ll be trying to figure out how to balance […]