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Last Game and Testament

The start of a new year means time to do a little bit of house cleaning! Most of the dust bunnies will be swept under the rug, of course. But here is one to be held up in the sparkling light of a January morning. Just shy of 1 year late, here’s the game concept […]


GDC is fast approaching, and Erin Robinson and I are already hard at work on our 2010 Game Design Challenge concept, defending our title after winning last year’s challenge.  I don’t think the theme has been announced yet so I don’t intend to reveal it here, but I can safely say it is NOT a […]

Our First Times at last

Procrastination pays off! I’ve been meaning to upload the slides from Erin and my (Erin’s and my?  Erin and my’s?) winning Game Design Challenge presentation, “Our First Times,” but things have been hectic lately.  Now no need, there’s something even better – Think Svcs has made the Challenge session one of their free videos available […]