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Game Jam

Controlled Invasion

Last year, “gamification” started popping up everywhere – both in the marketing world where the term seems to have been born, and among game designers from the ARG scene, the “serious games” field, and in the social network space.  Popular presentations about “games invade the real world” by Jesse Schell and others suddenly had me […]


The keynote lecture I gave at the FMX conference in Stuttgart last month introduced a concept I call “GameSpaces.” Drawing from the best design patterns of tech startup incubators, indie game jams, unconferences, and hackspaces, GameSpaces are a thoroughly un-radical call for indie game developers to collaborate with local and regional entities (governments, bureaus, indie […]

F the G

Renaud has posted a very thorough report and downloadable exe of our Bivouac Urbain game, Stimergy.  He even did a time lapse dev video! Best yet, our game is open source, so grab it and do something even better with it.  In fact please make some more levels – we didn’t have time to do […]