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New year’s post

Been very busy lately but not blogging about it much, as I threatened when I started!   Hopefully can get a fresh start in 2014, sharing things.  We’ll see. In the meantime I’ll at least share this interview I recently did with Digitalista, an Austrian website for women in digital industries.  (Intro is German but my […]

Designing the female orgasm

I recently “shared some insights” – as they say – with the audience at Lift13 conference in Geneva, Switzerland.  The organizers were interested in my prior work on interactive sexual apps, but rather than simply rehash the past, I wanted to bring something new to the conversation.  I proposed to talk about what’s wrong with […]

Stoking the Difference Engine

I’m looking forward to my whirlwind trip to Toronto this week, for a few days with some Canadians who have developed new initiatives to bring more diversity to video game creation.  First is a stop at the TIFF Bell Lightbox to give a short presentation-conversation at TIFF Nexus, followed by a mixer with the members […]

Body Heat is now the OhMiBod app!

Version 1.3 of everyone’s favorite “personal massager” controller app has just launched in the iTunes Store (if you’re at least 17 years old, that is.)  Now you can save, load and rename your favorite vibration patterns (15 of ’em!), and a quick menu on the interface screen lets you stop the vibration, or jump to […]

Last Game and Testament

The start of a new year means time to do a little bit of house cleaning! Most of the dust bunnies will be swept under the rug, of course. But here is one to be held up in the sparkling light of a January morning. Just shy of 1 year late, here’s the game concept […]

Body Heat news

Since we last tuned in back in September, a lot has happened with Body Heat! – I jumped through all Apple’s content hurdles and got the app launched in the iTunes App Store. – I reached out to the creators of the music-driven vibe that it works with, OhMiBod.   They bought the app and the […]

Go get warmed up!

It’s autumn – time to get warmed up.  So, we’ve got some great news: as of today, Body Heat is available in the App Store! Go get yours!

Vibrator control app Body Heat (hopefully) coming soon!

Been flying under the radar for this one, but finally it’s time to talk: I’m >this< close to launching my brand-new iPhone app Body Heat! Last night was the sneak peek performance with Starpause at the Center for Sex and Culture, and now I’m running at a dead heat to get all the promotional engines […]

advice for a female artist

Sometimes while filing ancient email I run across something powerful that I wrote years ago in correspondence with a friend.  That happened to me yesterday and it resonated with me enough that I want to share it.  Maybe this perspective I describe isn’t just about being a female artist, but my suspicion is we especially […]