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Break away from the violence

The game-for-change I’ve been working on for the past year is reaching the end of pre-production! Funded and supported by the United Nations, Breakaway is an online soccer-themed game for boys which will fight violence against women around the world.  Our team at the Emergent Media Center has created a web site to talk about this pressing global issue, and to share what we’ve achieved so far.   http://emergentmediacenter.com/UNVAW/ Come have a look – and don’t miss the amazing video that the team put together for our presentation earlier this year to the U.N., which features some of the images from our research trip last year to Cape Town.

Most importantly, if you are moved by what you see, help support the project’s continuation with a donation.  We’re a third of the way toward our goal of raising the funds to stay in production until another round of support from corporate or non-profit agencies can be secured next year.  Help from our community of family and friends has allowed the project to continue in the face of this year’s funding crunch, and will ensure that we’re able to finish our first episodes in time to release them next summer.   Our hope is to build on young men’s excitement around World Cup 2010 — a launch during the World Cup would generate so much excitement for our game, allowing it to reach thousands of young people with a message that could literally change the world!

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