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blastos from the past

A recent conversation with progrium reminded me of an academic paper I wrote in 1994 about “the network” as a recurring metaphor in feminist philosophy.  I dug it up off my old 286 archives and cleaned it up here for your amusement (sans a few citations).

The Network: modulation of a feminist metaphor

Among other archaisms, I use Gopher as my example of the internet’s rhizomatic structure.  And I say stuff like this:

While I began my research expecting to outline the linear development of a cultural metaphor from its organic origins to its technological currency, I came to the realization that in a moment of prescience (which we should remember is pre-science) I had more aptly titled my paper towards its teleos: this is an observational fragment of an idea in fluctuation.

p.s. I still love you, Donna!

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