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before we go

This is going to be a quick one. We’re at JFK waiting for our flight to Cape Town via Dakar.  So far the trip has gone smoothly thanks to some excellent organizing by our program manager, Sarah Jerger.  All students and all luggage is here and accounted for.  I went last-minute ring shopping at the […]


I write this from the greyhound bus between Burlington and Montreal.  I’ll be making this commute roughly every week for the forseeable future.  I spend most of the week in Burlington then head back to Montreal for the weekends to take care of things on that side of the border.  I have rented one apartment […]

It Begins

So!  This is my multi-project work log. I started this because i’m doing so many crazy things at the same time, and I want to keep track of it all as best I can.  And i thought that might be interesting to other people, as well.  I’ll be trying to figure out how to balance […]